Summer 2021 Elementary Hotlist

Hello educator friends! I’m excited to booktalk these most excellent titles to you tomorrow. I hope you’ll enjoy using them with your students and exploring them together. Remember, if you need help with anything library-related just reach out! I’m here to help with book suggestions, library eCards for your students, and much more. Have a great in-service this week!

Summer Hotlist for Elementary students!

Hello 259 librarians! So glad to be a small part of your in-service today. I’m thrilled that so many of my diverse, #ownvoices favorites from the past year have won so many awards and that we had the chance to talk about them together today. Don’t forget, if you’d like to connect your students to eBooks and other online content I can help you get cards started for your school. Here’s to a great school year!

Slides from today’s presentation

Kansas Association of Teachers of English 2018 Conference

Thank you so much for inviting me to be part of your annual conference! I am so happy to share some books with you and to talk about how public libraries support the important work you’re doing in schools and in the classroom. May we continue to “engage the world” by sharing powerful stories … and providing windows and mirrors for all youth.

Click here for the slides from my KATE 2018 presentation.

Janet Jump’s Education Students

universe of kidlitHello future teachers! You were a great group and I was so glad to spend some time with you. Here are the slides from our presentation:

Newman preservice teacher preso 9.10.18 2

If you have any questions or need any assistance locating titles as you tackle your coursework, please ask me or any of our librarians for help. We’re ready to assist! Good luck this semester.

Fall 2018 picks for high schoolers!

Many thanks to our high school library staff and the ELA teachers who invited me to speak at their in-services today! There are, as always, so many good books to chat about. (Click here for the slideshow.) Let us know – what’s big with your readers? Want to come visit us for a tour, or invite us to present some booktalks to your classes? We’re always here to help. Here’s to a fantastic school year!

USD 259 Fall ELA Inservice!

Slides from 2017 secondary ELA Inservice

Hi everybody! Here are my slides from Wednesday’s booktalks. You were an awesome crowd and I can’t wait to start scheduling booktalks and tours with your classes. Thanks for your support of our new building and your excitement – we’re thrilled to bring you an amazing new library experience and it’s only months away!

Things I Loved in the Last Year – YA titles for your Library!

Thanks so much for coming to my presentation on Friday! I appreciated seeing all of your faces bright and early in the morning. Please click here for my booktalk slides: KLA Booktalks – a year of teen reading

Feel free to reach out with questions! I was glad to see some of you friending me on Goodreads – that is a great way to share and compare books. Happy reading 🙂

The Life-Changing Magic of Weeding Kids Books – SEKLS edition

sekls coverBooks come in and go out, just like the tide. Selection and deselection go hand in hand, two important parts of the library life cycle. Thank you so much for spending time with me today discussing one of my favorite topics, weeding! I hope these ideas spark joy for you as you move forward in your library journey. Please, feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions. We’re all on this journey together!


Fall in-service booktalks! 2016 edition

Great to see everyone today at the USD 259 in-service! Here are the slides from my presentation. Please don’t hesitate to call or email, we’d love to help you reach more young readers!
Click here: August 259 in-service booktalks

USD 259 English Language Arts inservice Spring 2016

Here’s the slide deck from my presentation on booktalking… “so teens will BEG to read!” I pulled some old favorites off the bookshelf as well as some new picks and a smattering of adult titles that will pique teen interest. The highlights:house

  • Don’t forget to be passionate about books you personally love, but also be sure to read widely so that you know books that will appeal to teen readers with tastes that differ from yours.
  • Look for series that appeal to readers who get swept away in different worlds… characters that you want to meet again and again… and use them to hook reluctant readers into their own private bookfest!
  • Try something more high tech, like book trailers. Waudby’s One of Us is pretty stylistic and slick, and can help teens imagine the story more vividly before they make a pick.
  • Remember, it doesn’t have to be very long… in fact, you rarely get more than 30 secs. to a minute to really interest teens before they’ve made their decision.
  • Format your talk like a teaser trailer for a movie or TV show. Remember the steps:hunter
    1. HOOK – a shocking statement or fact from the book, something interesting or hilarious to get audience attention.
    2. The protagonist was doing great/doing awful until THIS THING happened to them/around them.
    3. Now, they face THESE TOUGH DECISIONS that make them reevaluate themselves/their family/friends/society/world and decide how to deal…
    4. HOOK ending, or question ending (will K be able to continue with her mission, or will she crumble under the pressure?)
  • The most important thing to remember is have fun, and don’t forget to share your love of reading with your students!

Thanks so much for having me out. It was great to meet everyone and share some of my favorites with you… hope to peek in to your Goodreads group this summer and get some recommendations from YOU next!

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