Kelly’s portion of the SL presentation

Kelly tells us that there is a huge room for growth in-world. There are not very many libraries participating in TeenSL so we have opportunities that are worth checking out to provide services and expose the kids to this new technology.

Question from the audience on standards… teachers and librarians are all very concerned about how any activity fits into existing standards. Remarked that in the Midwest, not many teens are in-world. Linden Labs are v. careful with background checks for anyone over 18 who wants to be part of TSL.

We are in-world. Teens have created a machine that will convert their Linden dollars to pay off fines and fees! Sweet! Kelly is paying her fines right now in front of us… it converts USD to Linden. V. nice. She remarks that the teens are super inventive and they are able to invent and create in infinite variety. The fine and fee machine is just one example. She’s not sure how many kids from her library are online. Gets 2-3 requests a week for info on what they’re doing, but she doesn’t know if the’re following through. BlueWings Hayek = Kelly’s avatar in SL

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Teens have many roles. Greeters, etc. The Eye4You logo is teen-created and has an eye in an open book 😉 lol!!! Kids from all over the world participate? Greece, UK, etc. One teen wants to see if TSL will help launch bands like MySpace did. Kelly’s super wrong – they are more than innovative, they are totally constructing their own reality here. V. teen centered.

This opens up the library to teach classes on scripting and other skills used in-world. Kelly says it creates new conversations that builds off web2.0 and other participatory culture. SL takes it all to another level by allowing contact and construction not available to them in RL.

Other resources from Kelly:

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