NEKLS Tech Day reflections

If a small business owner comes in the door needing resources, web 2.0 tools may very well be the information that makes the difference for them.
(attribution needed; comment if you can remember who said it!)

This was one of the great revelations of NEKLS Tech Day! I feel as though we are all talking about instinctively knowing that these wonderful webby tools and new technological abilities can help our patrons, but in many ways we have to be prepared to draw lines and make connections for them. We need a broad knowledge of different topics, but also of the tools that harness and enhance knowledge for users. Y’know, power to the patron and all 🙂

I don’t believe that we so-called “techie” librarians are really techie in the sense that we have some supernatural knowledge or abilities. I think you can consider yourself techie if you try to keep up with the flow of information evolution, if you try to tread water in this rapidly unfolding world of data storage, retrieval, and creation.

And that was the best part of tech day – getting to commune with other librarians who are trying to do this same thing. Sharon Moreland did a great job making the day possible, as did all the presenters 🙂 Oh, and if you happened to be in my presentation and still want to hear the audio from the videos I’ve linked to them here.

Happy tech, y’all. I hope we can keep up the good work treading water together 🙂

P.S. I nearly forgot! The other awesome topic we covered was cloud computing… it nearly needs a post of its own so I will save that for later this month.

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