USD 259 English Language Arts inservice Spring 2016

Here’s the slide deck from my presentation on booktalking… “so teens will BEG to read!” I pulled some old favorites off the bookshelf as well as some new picks and a smattering of adult titles that will pique teen interest. The highlights:house

  • Don’t forget to be passionate about books you personally love, but also be sure to read widely so that you know books that will appeal to teen readers with tastes that differ from yours.
  • Look for series that appeal to readers who get swept away in different worlds… characters that you want to meet again and again… and use them to hook reluctant readers into their own private bookfest!
  • Try something more high tech, like book trailers. Waudby’s One of Us is pretty stylistic and slick, and can help teens imagine the story more vividly before they make a pick.
  • Remember, it doesn’t have to be very long… in fact, you rarely get more than 30 secs. to a minute to really interest teens before they’ve made their decision.
  • Format your talk like a teaser trailer for a movie or TV show. Remember the steps:hunter
    1. HOOK – a shocking statement or fact from the book, something interesting or hilarious to get audience attention.
    2. The protagonist was doing great/doing awful until THIS THING happened to them/around them.
    3. Now, they face THESE TOUGH DECISIONS that make them reevaluate themselves/their family/friends/society/world and decide how to deal…
    4. HOOK ending, or question ending (will K be able to continue with her mission, or will she crumble under the pressure?)
  • The most important thing to remember is have fun, and don’t forget to share your love of reading with your students!

Thanks so much for having me out. It was great to meet everyone and share some of my favorites with you… hope to peek in to your Goodreads group this summer and get some recommendations from YOU next!

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